Fortnite Pornhub searches skyrocketed when servers went down

In 2018, many things seem to go hand in hand: Kardashians and unique baby names, and world-domination, , and, as it turns out, Pornhub and .

Or rather, when one goes down, the other goes up it seems. According to Pornhub, when Fortnite’s servers went down at 2pm ET on April 11 and stayed down for 24 hours, searches for Fortnite on the adult-streaming site skyrocketed.

 said that searches for the hugely popular online game increased by as much as 60 percent in that 24-hour period ‘as hardcore players headed to Pornhub for their Fortnite fix.’

Pornhub Insights says searches for Fortnite surged when the game‘s servers went down

‘Shortly after access to the server resumed, searches for « Fortnite » returned to normal levels.’

The increase in Fortnite searches began almost straight after the servers went down, increasing by about 25 percent by 3pm. At 5pm, searches were up over 30 percent and two hours later they were pushing 45 percent.

Despite occasional small dips, the searches rose consistently, especially as nighttime was closing in. 

From around 10pm to 4am, searches rose aggressively, hitting 60 percent at 4am, before dropping back down to 50 percent an hour later. A big drop at 7am was followed by a small rally as searches hit 40 percent around the time the outage ended.

 The Fortnite servers were down for 24 hours and in that time searches for the game surged

Using Google Analytics, the adult site’s statisticians saw how traffic changed from gamers specifically in the run up to the outage and after the servers went back up.

‘We found that traffic from « gaming fans » increased shortly after the server outage began, and remained higher than normal over the entire 24 hour period,’ the company said.

Around three hours before the servers were fixed, gamer traffic was nearly 10 percent above average, and after the servers went back up it dropped nearly 4 percent below average.

The Pornhub-Fortnite connection was first spotted in March, just after Drake played the game with Twitch streamer Ninja. Pornhub Insights said that saw Fortnite searches on its site go up by a staggering .

The adult video site said traffic from gamers specifically also increased by nearly 10 percent

Pornhub also elaborated on what it is exactly that people search for on Pornhub when they type in Fortnite.

The company said the most popular Fortnite-related searches included words such as ‘Hentai porn videos – Hentai XXX‘, ‘battle royale’, ‘animation’ and ‘strip’.   

And it looks like Fortnite will stick around for more potential Pornhub Insights, turned out to be fake.